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Become a model

We are always looking for hot guys to be in our videos for our website and dvds, so if you think you have what it takes go ahead and email us. Please send the following information:
Name, Stage Name(if you have one), Date of Birth, Age,
Telephone number, URL to your website(if you have one), closest major airport, Height, Weight, Sexual position and Cock size. When sending also list any modeling/adult experience that you have had if any. Photos are very important as well! Send full frontal and rear pictures, a close up face shot, and if you are a top include a picture of you soft and hard. We only need tops that are 9" or more, if less please do not send any information. Send all the above information to rawstrokes_models@RawStrokes.com.
Any emails sent without pictures will be deleted. All submissions will only be used for hiring purposes only.


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